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Insurance/Other doctors???

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Should I tell any other doctors about my lap band? I've heard that if this information goes into my permanent record (whereever that is) I could have problems getting new life insurance, health insurance, etc. in the future.

It seems unnatural to not tell my doctor I've had a major medical procedure, but I don't want it haunt me my entire life either. Any one else have this issue? :unsure:

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Guest Veronica

I had never heard of that but I am interested in seeing what everyone says. I did tell my doctor. He never told me anything about it. In fact, he was happy because my problems with diabetes are practically gone.

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I didn't tell my doctor. Mainly because I had met so much resistance and ignorance about going to Mexico for it. Told him when I had it done and shut the conversation down when it went negative.

I have new health insurance after I got banded and have had no problems. But then again, I don't have any band related problems either.

As far as life insurance goes, they actually made mine at a LOWER rate since I was no longer in the Obesity category.

All depends on the company though I guess.

Hope these experiences helped!

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