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The Hawaii Girl is Home

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Greetings from Hawaii

For all the wonderful ladies that I met during my stay with Dr Ortiz and crew, thank you for all you advice and reassures about the surgery. I was banded on the 12 Sept, and I am back home feeling great!!! I have already lost 13lbs from the pre-op diet and surgery. And would like to give a personal thank you to Rene for your support with the "check situation" and also the 'real boss" Mrs Ortiz, Dr Ortiz's wife. I just have a couple of questions? My left shoulder has been aching since the surgery, is that normal? And I need to burp, but can't!! Help. Thanks ladies for your advice. Special thanks to Dr Ortiz and crew for helping me with a new chapter in my life "a Body for Life"....

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Hello Hawaii Girl!

I was banded Sept 13th, but I think I saw you in the hospital the day before. I also drove over to the hospital with Mrs. Ortiz and your husband on the 13th. He was going to pick you up. How are you doing? I am feeling pretty good. I just got back from San Diego today. I think the pain in your shoulder is gas from the surgery- the CO2 they use to visualize the organs during laparoscopy. I have read previously that walking will help it to go away. Good luck and if you'd like to email and keep in touch with our progress, that would be great!



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Hawaii Girl

Congratulations on your new band

The shoulder pain is gas, it will go away, walking as much as possible will help, alot of bandsters complain of the shoulder pain it is where the gas they use to blow you up for surgery settles...each day gets better, The burping and feeling like you have to but can't is normal too, you can not burp from all of the swelling around the band site, it is trapped in your diaphram most likely..this too gets better each day. I had the exact same feeling .Mine lasted for 2-3 weeks but each day got better and better

I wish you lots of success with your new band

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