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Newly Banded

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Hi everyone! I was banded on Tuesday and all is going well. I went by myself to Tj for the surgery since I felt it was better to have my husband home with the kids. You know, it wasn't too bad being alone. I was well taken care of by the staff, esp Mrs. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez.

Monday for pre-ops was a bit crazy since the clinic was closed due to computer troubles and believe it or not, everyone had fills at the hospital for FREE since flouro wasn't used that day. (I was picked up from the airport with two people getting fills and they were done at the hospital and I waited with them. They told me they weren't charged- score! They had never had fills this way there.) Anyway, I think my whole experience was different from what I read on the web, but it was still good. I just didn't really talk with Dr. Ortiz much. The anasthesiologist talked with me before the procedure, and Dr. Martinez did after as well as discharged me the next morning. I really liked him. He answered all my questions. I then after being discharged went over to the office only to drop someone off and then I said I had never been there so I went in also. Mrs. Ortiz explained how everything had been a little bit crazy with the clinic down for few days.

At any rate, I guess everyone who reads the sites may want to know that things are different sometimes, and that doesn't mean it's bad. I was well attended to by the nurses at the hospital and loved them. I was a little dizzy after I first got up (I have never had anasthesia before, but think I am a little sensitive to the anasthesia and was pretty sleepy for the day (I did some walking and reading). I only had pain if I twisted in bed and it is still pretty minimal.

I know this is super long, but a couple interesting things for me (I am a nurse and made assumptions) is that I didn't have a breathing tube placed for the surgery. Because of how short the surgery is, they use a laryngal mask called an LMA and therefore are able to control the airway without a "breathing tube". It was great! No sore throat after surgery. And, my wounds were closed with derma bond (a newer product kind of like superglue). I loved this, too, because they feel protected.Anyway, just wanted to share my experience and hope it is helpful to some of you! Today I feel good, a bit tired, a bit hungry, but happy.

P.S. I did end up going on a pre-op protein shake diet once I talked with Dr.Miranda. She said they are using them to shrink the liver. It's no longer just for those who are over 300 lbs or have a high BMI. Make sure if you are having this surgery to call her about a week before the procedure!

Leah :D


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