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Banded September 14th, 2005

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September 14th, I show up at the lab for blood to be drawn and Dr. Ortiz is on the phone with his mother saying "Just have her do the band today instead of tomorrow."

Ahhhhggghhh.... I wasn't prepared... I haven't had time to worry about what might happen... oh lord... should I? shouldn't I? Just do it... just do it...

OK, we'll do it today.

So I have my consults with the nutritionist and the cardiologist, send my husband for my surgery bag... (See I was somewhat prepared!!!) and its off to the surgery center.

It is a beautiful office. My room overlooks the golf course and we are about 10 floors up in the tower. I put on the compression stockings... (Ok, are these things actually supposed to fit???) and then I get into the ugly dressing gowns. (Don't they have gowns that are actually cute anywhere? I've never seen any... even in the states.... come on... give me a scooby doo dressing gown or one with pretty flowers.... anything but hospital blue)

So I am sitting in my blue moo moo and my husband finally appears with my bag. Dr. Ortiz comes in and sits down all casual like in his scrubs and a beanie hat and tells me all about what he is going to do. Very competent, very self assured. I am very calm... (I'm like that when I am terrified... I go almost comatose... my pulse slows down and I just breathe... in... out... in... out... ) but I guess something must show on my face cuz my husband keeps reassuring me... (must be the deer in the headlights look) but they have given me an IV with a sedative so I will be fine... jusssssttttt fffiiinnnnnneeeee.....

Then they tuck me into my bed and roll me into the operating room. I remember the doctors introducing themselves to me... I think... and then I was out....

Next thing I remember was waking up in my room... a oxygen mask on... (standard proceedure) and thinking it was irritating as hell.... I finally took it off... and was much happier. About a half hour later I woke again and I felt fine (considering I had surgery), except that I couldn't use the muscles on my left side without pain... so I roll out of bed to the right and start walking around... I am still attached to the IV so I can't go far and the IV thing doesn't roll well so I was pacing around my bed. The nurse came in and released the roll locks from the IV and I was off... up and down the hall.... I did tire after a few laps so I sat down on the bed and watched TV.

There feels like there is a big ball inside my breastbone that hurts... only sometimes... and the doctor said it was from the gas they inflate the stomach with. It can take a few days to disappate. As long as I sit straight up I don't notice it at all... but if I slouch I can sometimes tell. The incisions are sore but not painful... they offered me a pain pill but I don't really need it.

Still wide awake... paced the floor again... more laps this time... I did this till about midnight when a nurse came in and handed me a sleeping pill... she wouldn't leave til I took it... (Guess I was getting them dizzy)

So off to la la land and then I woke at like 8 the next morning.... feeling even better than yesterday. Still sore, still got the gas bubble but the muscles don't hurt as much to move them... and again I am off and walking up and down the hall.

I can't fold in half to touch my toes... that hurts, but other than that... I am good...

I was at 282 at surgery time, 3 days later I am at 277.2.... I am not too tired.... I am doing the juice and gatorade as required... I have 5 scars... 4 of them are less than a half inch wide... the port incision is an inch... they superglued them together.... no stitches....

I hope this helps anyone interested.... feel free to email me if you have questions.

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I am scheduled for Oct 21, 2005. Little nervous about the anesthesia part, but very excited about the banding. Thanks for sharing. How long total time was the procedure? how long were u in the hospital? did your husband stay in the room with you comfortably? When were you discharged? thanks Laura

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I was up at 7am for lab testing at 8:30... then I went to the office for my nutritionalist consult and my cardio consult.... about 2 I went in for surgery and by 3:30 I was up and walking around... the surgery itself takes about 30 minutes. I stayed at the hospital over night... (I don't think it was necessary, but just in case I guess??? I was walking around the place til midnight)... the next morning I went back to the hotel... slept about 3 hours and then we took a walk to the grocery store...

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