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Sharp pain in upper left side under left breast.

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Hey all,

I have been in alot of pain in the past few hours with a sharp pain in the upper left side under my left arm/breast. I have never had any problems with gas pains cuz(not to be gross), I get relief quite often. lol The last thing I ate was a creamy potato ready to eat soup from Campbells. It has little chunks in it, but I had one before and made sure the pieces were mashed down before swallowing. I have read alot about things getting stuck and I know that isn't the problem either because usually the pain is in the middle of the chest, which isn't where my pain is either. Hmmm...strange. Maybe it is gas, but not sure. Strange place for it to be anyways.

Thanks for any replies and suggestions.


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If you are still on liquids then things getting stuck should not be an issue. Didn't you put a post up awhile ago saying your port had been leaking fluid? Pain is quite a bit more serious, especially if it is persistent. Don't be afraid to give the Dr a call. People on the forum can tell you whatever but we are not doctors and there is a reason Dr Ortiz gives you numbers to call. I am a doctor to computers and I really do not mind a bit when people call me to ask questions or share their concerns.

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