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Banded on Sept 16

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Okay so I was banded 5 days ago. So I will tell my experience...

I am 17 and I was a bit nervous about getting the lap band. My parents kept asking me if i was SURE i wanted to do it and i was very assuring that YES it was something i wanted to do.

So I drove to TJ on the 15th ( i live in southern cali) of sept with my grandma and my aunt, and I was going to meet my mom their in tijuana that same day. Rene gave us directions to the clinic but it is so crazy driving in TJ so we ended up being lost for about 30 min. We finally found it and I rushed up to the clinic. As soon as I got there they were like (jacqueline?) and i was like YES? They were already expecting me. =) They soon took my blood tests, I met with the Nutritionst DR. Miranda ( she is really really nice) and Docter Jimenez for my cardioligy test. In the Cardiology test they obviously test your heart..I kinda felt wierd cus I had to take off my shirt/bra and put on this little robe thingy but I dunno it was uncomfortable ....nevertheless he performed the test very professionally!

So after my test my mom came to the clinic and I felt a lot better having my mommy there lol. They gave me a cute little bag with gaterade and some juice drinks for after my surgery. It was very cute hehe. That day they told me i couldnt drink soda (carbonated drinks) for the rest of my life. I had done a lot of research and i Didnt know that minor restriction. I was a lil in shock but i just took it. I rather loose weight then drink soda lol. NewAys...the whole clinic thing took about 2 hours and then I had the rest of the day to do Watever. I could finally eat so i had a great lunch at this place called LOS ARCOS in Tijuana. Later that day my aunt and grandma left for home and my mom and I checked in at the hotel. The Lucerna is a very nice hotel. I really liked it. So that night I did like 3 hours of homework. Then I tried to go to sleep ...it was hard since i was so nervous. But then I prayed and I knew everything would be okay.

My mom and I woke up the next day EARLY because we wanted to take pics of me BEFORE my surgery lol We went down to the lobby where we were supposed to get picked up by Mrs. Ortiz at 830. We were at the lobby at 8 and we waited for an hour and nobody showed up. Both my mom and I were kinda upset so we called Mrs. Ortiz from the lobby and I guess nobody had told her that she was supposed to pick us up. Since we had a car we just drove ourselves to the hospital. We got there and our room wasnt ready. Mrs. Ortiz appoligized but my mom and I were kinda upset because the other two people who were getting surgery the same day as me were already in there rooms ready for surgery. That meant I would get my surgery last. My mom was more upset then me..I was just nervous and scared and nervous hehe...It was an intense 30 min as we waited for our room.

So I finally get to my room. They give me the gown and everything.. The socks that are almost impossible to put on and they soon started getting me ready. I had to wait like about 2 hours in my room since the others were getting their surgery. They gave me a pill so i would relax and it mad me really sleepy so I took I fell asleep. Dr. Ortiz, and Dr. Martinez came in and started explaining everything to me but the pill had such a big affect on me i was out of it. I just remember thinking...Let me sleep..i dont really care i just want to get it over wit...i know everything about the lap band already lol Thats kinda mean but it was THE PILL! hehe so after they talked to me i fell asleep again. All of a suddun Dr. Ortiz wakes me up saying ITS TIME FOR UR SURGERY....i was still out of it and i just remember getting up and hugging my mom before i went in the surgery room. I got in there and they told me to sit down on this big chair...Then i felt that they had given me the anestesia...they asked me what kinda of music i liked...i didnt answer..so they started playing oldies...two seconds into the song i was OUT!

I woke up hearing wit the oxygen mask on me and I couldnt stand it..I kept taking it off and my mom kept putting it back on. I didnt feel any real pain..After a little while they took the mask off and told me to start walking. Since i had never had anesthesia before when i got up i felt really dizzy and i started sweating...so i had to sit back down.. Everytime i wanted to walk i felt that way but it wasnt too bad. I did my best. It was not painful at all. And the next day I went to the hotel. When I got to the hotel i took a nap and then got up and started walking around the lobby and around the pool. I felt ALOT better. I went back to the room and we still had another night at the hotel but since we live so close to home we decided to leave.

These past few days have been a lot easier than I imagined. I was able to go to school that next monday. And yes i feel a bit weak and the gas is bothering me but nothing untolerable. I havnt needed the pain killers i recieved. Today was the hardest day for me ..I felt really weak and I had to come home early from school. But my mom gave me some broth and I just took a very long nap. In a few days i will be able to eat yogurt and my protien drinks so I think those will make me feel a lot better. Well thats my experience and i dont regret it at all up to this point...

Just want to say hi to KYLE AND MIKE...those were my two surgery buddys....

i will keep posted on my progress...

Starting weight is 221 i have lost 2 lbs since my surgery (5 days ago) lol


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