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Do I need a fill?

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I had my band on Aug.19 and am now down 16lbs. but I know we are supposed to get our first fills about 7 weeks post. Anyway its been 5 weeks now and I can't even imagine being more restricted. I'm eating around 1000 to 1200 calories a day and have a hard time with that. Its not that its not going down, I just can't eat much. And if it is solid its really hard, like chicken. i try to eat my proteins first, but end up with pain and have to stop. Soups are great and fruits and veggies. I find myself just avoiding the things that are hard. And as a result I don't want to eat, so I have to make myself. I don't feel like I need a fill, is it necessary? Especially if I keep losing weight?

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I was just going to post a similar question. I am now 11 weeks out and am still afraid to get my first fill and am not sure if I should. I am so tight in the morning that I can't eat anything without PBing. I now have a Slimfast for breakfast about 7AM and by about 10AM can handle a small bowl of warm oatmeal. Lunch is a banana or small salad of soft greens or hummus or something soft. Anything bigger/harder to chew and I am PBing within minutes. no matter how many times I chewed my little bites! Also have yogurt or apple sauce and sugar free pudding for a snack. By dinner time I am so much better and can handle just about anything (chicken and steak make me PB) so I have meatballs, fish or something easy along with fruit and salad. I PB at least 5x a week - not fun. I lost a little over 20 pounds in the first 3 weeks but then stopped and haven't lost since. I keep thinking I should go for a fill but Then again it would make my morning and lunch time even more difficult. Don't know what to do.


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If you feel restriction and are losing without a fill then the answer is NO you do not need a fill. I had my first fill at 9-10 weeks post op, I know others who did not get their first fill for 3-4 months post op, each one of us is different. Our levels of restriction are different. Here is a great site to help you determining when a fil is needed or not. If you are avoiding thigns that are hard then you do not need a fill but remember the band was not designed to not be able to eat solids, I know for me if I eat soft foods to avoid the harder foods, my weight loss slows down, soft foods go through the pouch quicker and I eat more. Hard proteins as difficult as it is sometimes to eat will stay in your pouch longer and keep you satisfied longer. You will definately eat less


I find this site very helpful to me, alot of the time for me it is not a fill I need but a kick in the ass I need.

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