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HI everyone I need your help, I'm going to Tj in October for my fill I have to fly in on the night before because I'm getting it done at 9:30 in the morning. I have two questions #1 do you know if the shuttle is $65 for each person, and # 2 how exactly do you get back across the boarder is it cheaper to take the shuttle back? I have read a couple post about taking a cap to the boarder and walking across, how exactly dose all that work. I'm taking the shuttle into Tj. because we are getting in at 10:30pm friday night so I don't feel comfortable walking across the boarder at that time of night. Please help me.

Thanks Melissa :rolleyes:

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If you use the clinic service they will charge you again for a return trip. If cheaper is what you want to do.....

1. take a cab from the hotel to the border ($5)

2. Stand in line (it moves quickly) to cross the border

3. Pay $2.25 per person for the tram that is right at the border (about 20 ft from the entrance on the american side) and ride it until American Plaza.

4. Go grab the bus, the airport flyer, #998 I think. Show them your tram passes. They are good for the transfer and you pay nothing.

5. Tell the bus driver which airline. Sit up front so you can hear him call it.

6. VIOLA! you are there for about $9.50

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I did this cab, trolley, and bus thing on the trip into MX one time and it was not easy. I speak Spanish too, and it still was confusing. Which line to stand in, which bus or trolley to take. Then the walk into TJ over the border was about 2 blocks, not too bad if it isn't raining (it was) and you don't have much luggage (we did).

I will stick with "Junior" from now on. He is the driver for Dr. Ortiz. He drives a nice Explorer and can get you straight to the airport or back without even stepping out the door.

I guess it is the transfers that scare me. If you can't afford "Junior" each time, be sure to carry the above message with you. Just refer to it often.

Good luck!


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