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Fill in Mexico

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I have made my reservations to fly back to Mexico on Oct.9 to 12th. I will stay at the Lucena if anyone is going in that time frame. I am sooo nervous about the second fill. Mostly because I live in Ohio so I am staying an extra day. Don't know if that will help since I have read that some people get restriction days or weeks after the fill. I am 1.8 from my first fill in March. It is so hard to get back to Mexico for fills. I will arrive on the 9th at 12 noon and returning at 2pm on the 12th. I will use Junior if that works for anyone else. Just let me know.

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How are you doing with your fill? 2.4cc right? I think we talked at the office...I got 1.6cc for my first fill and I am learning to live with restriction...it has been a tough road...it has been a week now and I am learning how to keep solids down. Up until last night all solid foods came up. Hope you are doing well!

Cassandra Potter

banded 08/18/05

first fill 10/11/05


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I had my first fill about six weeks ago by Dr Martinez. 2.8 cc. At first I felt like and was not eating much maybe about 1/3 but, this last couple of weeks I noticed I am eating about 1/2. I am not getting hungry in between meals but I feel like I can eat more than I was and, don't feel like I am loosing. I am trying to lose as much as I can by June for my daughters wedding. I just don't know if I need to go back already for more? has anyone experienced having to go back so soon?



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I understand how important a special event can be to really try and lose as much as possible but please don't try and rush the process. It takes time. We didn't gain it all at once, so we shouldn't expect to lose it all at once either. Keep doing what you are doing in eating healthy and doing exercise and you WILL do great!! Don't try and restrict yourself into starvation mode as that will not be healthy. If you are wanting to "boost" your weight loss, try some really good fat free diets to pair up with the tool of your band. Also, you can mix up your exercise choices to get the variety to boost your metabolism.

Breathe, relax, and keep on truckin'!!! You will get there soon enough and you will look FABULOUS at your daughters wedding!!


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