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Thanks for asking! I am doing just fine, although I am NOT yet banded. I did not have the personal support that I needed. I must say that the support I receive from all of you has been wonderful and very much appreciated. Thank you.

I also caught a virus and was going to be evaluated for possible postponement upon arrival. I broke down when I tried to kiss my kids goodbye. Thankfully it was very early morning and they were still sleeping. My husband suggested I don't go and that was all it took to head back home for a personal re-evaluation period. I opted out about an hour before my plane was to take off.

Since then, we went on vacation and I decided to reschedule. I WILL be banded on July 9, and I won't be going alone. My Mom is supportive, especially since having been diagnosed with diabetes this past month. It is disappointing news, but the timing of the diagnosis it intriguing to me. I discovered that I was not quite as independent as I thought. I don't have a huge amount of weight to lose so I was in some denial of the necessity. My Mom's diagnosis reminds me of reality. She has never been more than 30 lbs overweight. I have yo yo'd much more than she has. I have a better mindset now.


To be banded July 9

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