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Is there anything else besides Vitamin water & broth


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If I recall correctly, you should be able to start yogurt right about now. I never liked yogurt but when I was able to have it, it was the most wonderful thing I'd ever tasted in my life. For broth I would buy packets of Ramen noodles and throw the noodles away. That way I was able to have several different flavors of broth. Lori has suggested making your own broth since it tastes much better than the canned stuff. Not now but in a week or two when you're on full liquids you can get regular soups, then blend them until they are the consistency of milk. Low-carb Popsicles are good since you'll actually be able to feel like you're chewing something. Just remember to let it melt in your mouth completely before you swallow.

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I FEEEEEEEEEL YOUR PAIN WITH THE WHOLE BROTH DEAL! :huh: Lemme tell ya I cannot even stand the SMELL of it anymore! I did end up switching to MISO soup around the 4th day and I will tell u I was so very happy! All I did was strain the seaweed and tofu chunks until I could actually mush the tofu (extra protein) into the miso soup! MMMMMMMMMMMM! wonderful and better than high sodium broths!!! Aaaaand I found the protein water (Special K) has more sugar than protein! It made me cranky! So........ I went to GNC and bought other types of good water and sugar free Torani Raspberry flavored syrups to add to crushed ice so that I would maintain my water intake daily........... I added protein powder (soy) to almost everything I drank so my energy wasn't lacking............ Now I have just moved to Whey Protein Powder by Jay Robb and its amazingly expensive, but GREAT as it has 25mg of protein per scoop and NO sugar, NO fat, NO CARBS!!!! IT could use some better flavor other than Stevia, but if it keeps me away from the extra sugar then I am ALL OVER IT!

Just know that you will soon pass this healing phase and move on to other good stuff............. so we understand your fading tolerance to the ol' blahhhh broth stage............. Patience and grab that post op paper from Dr. Miranda cuz I know that like the sugar free popsicles ALWAYS helped break up the monotony for me! best of luck and congrats on your band!

Take care!


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