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Considering LapBand, in need of support!

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I am considering LapBand, but am nervous about the procedure and having it done in Mexico. I have no support at this time from my husband or my mom. I know it's only because they are worried about me. My husband is not going to agree to let me finance the opperation, so I need to come up with the money on my own. How did so many of you afford it? If I do finance, how much are the payments typically, anyone know?

Me and a friend of mine are starting Weight Watchers October 1st. I'm going to continue on Weight Watchers until I'm able to afford the surgery. Anyone have any words of advice or support? I have my consultation in November, hopefuly once I meet the staff and see the facilities I won't be so nervous about having the procedure done in T.J.

Also, did any of you check into having your medical insurance company cover the procedure?

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This procedure has only been approved and performed in the US for the last 4 years, whereas its been performed in Mexico, Australia, Italy, France and Spain (Im sure others too) since 1993(ish)... so the doctors who are the least experienced in the procedure are in the US... Dr. Ortiz is one of the leading bariatric surgeons in the world... certainly he is one of the top 3-4 in Mexico... he is a member of the American College of Surgeons, which is the society that all US surgeons are members of... he has proctored many, many US surgeons (this means he's taught them the procedure)... if you have questions about him or any other doctor, call INAMED, the manufacturer of the only band approved for use in the US by the FDA... they will give you more information Im sure... INAMED will not distribute the band to anyone who hasnt been trained by INAMED to perform the surgery... then after they are trained, the doctors are proctored, or mentored in surgery by senior surgeons, who have performed the surgery... Dr. Ortiz is one of those senior surgeons... he has also written the definitive book on lap band surgery with many of the top surgeons in the world contributing chapters to the book... he is no slouch... but do some homework on the procedure and Dr. Ortiz (or any other surgeon you decide to use) because Im sure the excellent doctors have reputations that will speak for themselves.

Your family is probably just concerned about your safety... and so should you be, so if you do your homework, check references and check the bad press too, you will know what to do... I will tell you that many Americans think the US is the only place to get surgery, but thats just small thinking, many other countries have FAR more progressive and advanced healtcare systems... the record of anyone you decide to use will speak for itself if you look for it.

Take care... Kyle

PS... I liquidated my IRA account to do it because the 10% penalties, and the income taxes were less than financing! (go figure)

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Thank you for your response. It makes me feel a litlle better hearing what you had to say. I think I will check with INAMED, just so I can tell my family I've thoroughly checked into it. I'm really excited about the possibility of being banded, but scared after reading about all the things that can go wrong, including death. I guess that's the case with all surgeries though.

Take care!

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