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HELP!! Contact info for TJ

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Hi, I'm down in SD and had a fill in TJ today. It's too tight and I can't even keep a sip of water down. It's pretty painful and I need to get back in tomorrow (sunday) to have a little removed. I called the 24/7 phone number for doctor martinez on the website but it's not working. I of course left all the emergency contact info at home. Could someone who had dr ortiz/martinez and has the cell phone numbers for emergencies give me a call with the info?



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I phoned Kristy and gave her the phone numbers I have on the call sheet. (Cell numbers for Dr. O, Dr. M, Rene, Call Center, Local Office & Fill Appointments) If anyone has any other numbers for emergencies, I'm sure she'll appreciate getting them.

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All is good!!! And thank you SO MUCH to sanjay and those who called for encouragement! Dr. Martinez called me back within half an hour, very concerned, and was happy to hear I didn't fly out until Sunday night. I met Dr. Romero at the clinic sunday at 9am. He took out .3 cc's and I'm feeling wonderful! As of this morning (Wednesday) I've lost 3lbs since the fill sunday. I'm extremely excited because I didn't have any restriction with my first fill, and now it's starting to work.

I don't think this is something that happens often, but what support! I've learned there's no need to panic if it's too tight. They fix you right up - nothing to worry about.

Thanks to Dr. Romero (I totally ruined your fathers day!) and the team!

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