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Had my fist fill....now what?


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I just had my first fill with Dr. Martinez (goodness he is cute!!!), and I am wondering/worried about two things. The first thing is the amount of my fill. He only gave me 1.2 cc's, and I am worried that I won't lose any weight. I live in PA and I can't afford to fly to CA all the time. When he gave me my fill he said that since I had quite a bit of restriction prior to the fill, he wouldn't give me that much. Am I being silly about this, or was he too conservative. I don't want to start obsessing about this but I do want it to be effective.

The second thing I was wondering is how much everyone really eats. I read that 1/2 of a cup is average, but I haven't even been eating that. I am having a hard time figuring out what "full" really feels like. Pre-surgery, full meant that you felt like an overfilled balloon...but what does it feel like now? After eating I feel fine, and I can go 4 hours or more without my stomach growling. Is this too soon, or normal?

I was also wondering what sorts of things everyone eats...especially for breakfast. I am always extremely busy, and most meals are eaten while I am walking out the door. Obviously fast food and pre-packaged things are no no's (and part of the reason why I had to have the surgery in the first place) but do you have any tips for making food preparation quicker or easier?

Thanks so much!


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It really is all an individual guessing game. A lot of trial and error after the first fill. I had 1.8 for the first fill, .8 added for the second fill (.1cc is 2 drops from a syringe, so it isn't much). Try not to compare your fill to others, as everyone had a different fill level and it is designed for your body. I know its hard, but you'll make yourself nuts trying to compare.

As for breakfast, I can't help there. I am one of those people that can't even THINK about eating breakfast. Getting water down is a chore in the morning. Once afternoon hits, I open up well. Someone (thanks Shell) told me that if you drink warm liquid in the morning it will go down easier (she was right). So a cup of hot tea for me in the morning to get me going and that is it.

As for afternoons, I am also a "on the go" type of girl. You can still eat fast food, you just have to choose healthy. I usually do some type of chicken sandwich and throw the bun away. Or Subway is really good to me about just making a special "cup 'o tuna" for me and charging me 1/2 price (love them!). I have also been known to do Chinese take out chicken chow mein when I get the craving. But that is rare as just one order will last me 3-4 lunches and I get really sick of it after day 2. Another idea is to stop into the local grocery store and go to the deli. I get sliced turkey or chicken and it goes "on the go" just fine in the plastic deli bag. I munch on it as I drive. Pre packaged things aren't totally no-no either, I do the frozen dinner South Beach or Lean Cuisine meals all the time. Before the band I would balk at them because the portions were too small. Now they are perfect! Imagine that!!!

If after eating, you feel fine and go 4+ hours without eating and not being hungry, I would say that is great!!!

When I got the surgery, I planned for 3 trips in my budget to CA for fills. I have had 2 fills (banded March, fill May, Fill Sept). I don't expect to have to have a third until my yearly check up in March. I am learning to deal with the more restriction although I make a lot of "oopsies". I expect I will have more of a routine down pat soon.

Good luck! I hope this helped!!!

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Hi Apryl... I just got my first fill yesterday 10/22. I read your this post about your first fill and was wondering how you were doing? Have you lost some weight? How much are you eating?

I am a little apprehesive about going back to solid foods because after my surgery I was hungry the 3rd day! I stuck it out through the liquid phase and lost about 10 pounds but when I started to eat solids again, of course my weight loss slowed down and then eventually stopped. I waited to get my fill until I stopped losing, but I was able to eat almost as much as I was pre surgery. Dr. Martinez told me that my band was loose and I got 2 cc's yesterday.

How is the tightness of your band? Are you having trouble with any particular foods?

Hope all is well, Shawna

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Guest Marilyn

I've just been banded since 11 1 2005, and have not, as yet, had a 'fill'; however, with regard to feeling full: I don't think you can feel 'stuffed good and full' .. if you do eat enough to feel that way, you will probably next be throwing up :( YUCK!

Satisfied, is what I've been told. But, on liquid diet with just now adding in a couple of mushy/pureed type foods, I only feel satisfied for 2 hours, and then I am HUNGRY! I am assuming this is normal. Good luck!

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