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Almost debilitating pain on left side at night!

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Hey all,

Haven't posted in awhile, but figured I should about this latest problem I have been having. For about the past week or so, I have been waking up at night and for some reason been on my back or almost in that position. When I go to turn over(with my cat in the way), I have some HORRIFIC pain in my left side that is so bad, that it makes me unable to move right away. It almost feels like my port get stuck somewhere and is so painful that I think I can't move in fear the pain will be WAYYY worse or I will hurt myself. Well, so far, I have been able to wince through it and turn over and then all is totally fine. I usually sleep on my right side every night and eventually turn over to my left, but it's almost like I am asleep when I go to turn over and don't quite get there, so then just sleep in whatever position I am left in...LOL

Is it possible for your port to move and maybe get stuck under a rib or something and that may be where the pain is. Like I said earlier, it freaks me out at first, thinking I won't be able to move through the pain, but I do and then all is ok. I am not even sore later. Hmmm.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions you can give me.



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I think its your port - it will be tender for a solid month. Just to be safe, call the doctor and discuss it with him, just use the cell #'s you have for them! That way, you might hurt, but you won't be worried :)

Thanks Lori. It has been more than a month since surgery and this just started a little over a week ago. Some nights it's really painful and others not so much, but it's scary anyways. I guess I am just a wild sleeper...LOL


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Judy, please call the doctor. If you want assistance getting in touch with Dr. Martinez or Dr. Ortiz just call me and I can help you with that :)

I'm a bit scared about calling the doctor because I don't want to hear something bad...ya know? I am supposed to have my first fill here in two weeks without flouro and I have no clue whatsoever where my port is because I have read posts that it probably isn't directly underneath the incision scar and I don't feel it anywhere under any of my left side tummy skin where it should me...lol

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ok hon.. i'm not a doc but here's my guess

you've become a bit more active in the last week or so... and since your port is stitched down you are feeling it more as you increase your activity level. Same thing happened to me... it also happened when I was working at my desk too long - leaning over my computer.

It literally felt as though I had a stitch in my side... which, is pretty accurate.

Your body is also getting used to having a foreign object there.

It all sounds pretty normal... but I don't like the idea of the "debilitating pain" that sounds like more than some pain - sounds like a bit more pain that is normally associated with the port.

My port has been bothering me a bit and I'm anxious to have it checked. Not sure if its because I'm more active lately or it has moved, but I'm anxious to find out! Going to the clinic on July 12th for a fill and a check up.

DO NOT EVER HESITATE TO CALL AND CHECK IN WITH THE DOCTOR!!! They really get upset when they know someone is concerened and they don't call! Judy... you better call or I'm telling on you :lol:

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