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I miss my WATERMELON!!!

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Hey all,

I have to ask! When or will I ever be able to have watermelon again? I have read that certain fruits are too fibrous and can't be chewed down enough to go down smoothly. I thought about smoothies, but with watermelon? ewww!?

Right now I can eat almost anything, but just small amounts sometimes. I still avoid hamburger, popcorn, rice and corn. But can eat most other foods. I really need to get more veggies and fruits into my body.

Thanks for any experiences, advice, and/or suggestions.



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Hey Judy,

How are you doing. I just had a piece of watermelon for breakfast. The first time I tried watermelon, it was hard to chew up....So now I dice it up in a bowl and eat it with no problem. My brother who has the band also said the same thing for strawberries.

I still have a hard time with all the chewing. So I have better luck cutting my food in little pieces and then chew, chew, chew.

I was so use to being the first one done etting at the table. Now I'm sitting and chew while others are done. Its one of the mind games.....

I've lost #26 pounds since surgery. Can't believe its been 5 weeks. Sometimes it seems like a life time ago that we could shovel food into our mouths.

Last weekend my sister and brother inlaw had a big grill out. They had invited lots of their neighbor and friends. Its the first time I've been in a "social" type situation where there was food involved. I was pleasantly suprised that it wasn't as hard as I thought, it might be. Had just a bite of everything. And a 1/4 of a glass of wine.

Had no problems at all. Now I won't be so self consious at the next social funtion.

You'll have to let me know how you fill goes. I'm excited and nervous about the fill. I want some restriction but just not tooo much...


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