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Was it hard for you to get a referral?

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For insurance to pay for my banding, I have to get a referral from a general doctor to do this. Did anyone else have to do this, and how hard was it? Most of my dieting has been on my own. My doctor did give me Phentermine for a couple of months a couple of times but it was awful. I was really hyper but I feel high all the time and it made me unstable emotionally. I've always been fine emotionally but it messed me up horribly while I was on it.

I'm a bit worried that my doctor may not referr me since my diet attempts have been on my own. I know a 'doctor assisted' diet won't any better. Any weight I lose will just come back. When I diet I usually lose about 10 or so pounds then gain it back over the next few months as I cant stay on a diet any longer as I seem to platue and I'm miserably hungry. I eat too much. I'm 23 and have tried losing weight so many times. I've tried Atkins for 6 months and lost 20 pounds but I couldn't stay on it and gained most of it back over the next few months. That was my most successful weight loss attempt. My highest adult weight was 300 and my lowest is 280 which I am now.

Any suggestions on things to say to the doctor to help him realize that this is for me? My doctor is associated with my insurance so I'm worried they may try to avoid surgery if they can since that will cost them more... I have high blood pressure, Multiple Sclerosis, and diabetes and heart problems run in my family. From my point of view it seems pretty obvious that this is something I need to get and will be in my best interest.


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