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considering lap band bmi 30 - 33

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Hi there... I am 48, 5' 5", and 198 lbs. I exercise regularly -- cardio (elliptical and long distance cycling), my cholestrol, glucose, hdl/ldl ratios, and blood pressure very good. I can't get below 185 to 190...

Question -- Has anyone gotten to or nearly to, their ideal weight and maintained a healthy fitness routine? If so, can you tell me if the port is visible and/or palpable under their skin? In other words, would someone know by touching you? I am a bit concerned about the look and feel in intimate situations and it is one of the many questions that I'd appreciate info on...

I believe I am going forward with this but would like to know how others felt or handled the situation.



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I was a lower BMI of 33 patient. I am 5'9" and weighed 220. I currently, after 6 months, weigh 175 (and still working, its getting a lot harder now to take off the last 25 or so). The weight does not melt off easily, it is some work, especially for those of us with less to lose I think. Not that it is "harder" just different because you are starting where others are towards the end of their weight loss goal.

You can not see the port, but yes, you can feel it. It feels like somewhat of a knot on the side but it does not hurt. If they specifically pressed and pushed there, yes they could probably feel it. The scars also would be an indication of something in an intimate situation. However, it really isn't hindering at all. My husband has never really even paid attention to it other than in the beginning to "be careful not to hurt Elby" (my band's name hee hee). It doesn't "pop out" but when I lie on my back flat there is a slight (and I mean slight) bulge where the port is.

Hope this helped! Good luck!!

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Hi, This is the first time I've entered the forum....I would just like to tell you that my starting BMI was 30. I'm 28 and I decided to go ahead with the surgery :D . It was so easy and I would recommend it to anyone. WoW, the first month I lost 20 lbs. and I just got my first fill. It is so cool, the lbs. just melt off. Hope you decide to go ahead with the surgery. Jeanette

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