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Hello everyone,

I am new to Dr.Ortiz's forum. My name is Julie, I live in Vegas(what happens here, stays here) I was banded by Dr.Ortiz June 2004. GOD I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I tried to send an email to them, but it is not working. Is there a new email? Other than calling, is there any way to reach the staff by email? Just curious to find out what is going on

Thank you,




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I email Dr. Ortiz and his staff all the time. Try any of the following





You should not have a problem, I just emailed Rene yesterday and he responded quickly.




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Hi Julie!

I called there 2 days ago to talk to Dr. Miranda the nutritionist and she gave me this e-mail address for her Dr.Miranda@obesitycontrolcenter.com. I would just call there directly if I were you. It's toll free. If you get a recording just leave a message including your phone number and they will call you back soon. I called during business hours (4:30) and left a message and they called back around 6:30ish? I think they close at 6:00 but it was the receptionist and she put Dr. Miranda on. I guess sometimes it's good when they go by Mexico time! ;) Good luck Julie!


Ortiz/Martinez 8/4/04


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