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Good experience with difficult fill

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I just had my first meal after my third day of liquids following my first fill. I wanted to write a note of gratitude to Michelle (angel at heart) who opened up her home to me as I flew across the country at the last minute after my local doc was unable to fill my flipped port after two long, unsuccessful attempts. I was scheduled for surgery for a reconstructed port on my first day back to school (I'm a third grade teacher), with no guarantee that my insurance company would cover the procedure, and no price quote from the local doctor. Michelle was generous enough to offer to pick my up at the airport, put me up at her beautiful home for 2 nights, and drive me to Dr. Ortiz's office for the fill! It was wonderful to see Michelle (who looks great by the way!), and the very handsome and charasmatic Dr. Ortiz, who of course handled a very difficult fill with his expertise and know how. An added bonus to the experience was my flight back home. American West overbooked the flight and in exchange for giving up my seat (and arriving only an hour and a half later), I received a $300 voucher for another flight this year. So I guess I can come back for another fill and perhaps another fun shopping and dining excursion at The Revolution and Tijuana! Thanks a million Michelle for making it all happen for me!!


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Hi Linda

Thanks for the kind words!

I'm glad you're home safe and everything is going good for you. I had a great time with you also. I enjoyed our 2 days together, you look great too. It was so nice to see you. Now that you have the voucher for a free flight I look forward to the next time you come to visit for your fill, next time we will have to make it a little longer visit so I can show you more of California.

You are so right about Dr. Ortiz his expertise and know how made everything work out for you ..NO SURGERY!!! WOO HOO!! He is awesome! ( handsome too)

That is a big relief for you I know. My fill is working well so far not too much restriction but just enough so far ( I think). My first meal tonight went down good. Keep me posted on your progress

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