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Hi everyone, can someone please tell me how much food you can eat?

I got my first fill on October 29th, I got 2cc put in and I think everything is going good. Nothing gets stuck, and I have not pb'ed yet. (thank god) I eat slow, and it takes me about 20 min. to half an hour to finish my food. I would say I eat maybe 2/3 of a cup at a time. My sister thinks I'm not getting enough so I really would like to know how much everyone else can eat.



fill on Oct 29th 2cc

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Actually Im glad you brought the fill topic up! i was about to leave a post about it! I just recently got my fill also..2cc also! but I start eating and then I have to eat slo like u said! The thing is ...i only feel full full if i eat bread.....and then after like 20 min or so after eatin i get hungry again.....the full sensation only last a lil while for me! Im thinking i need more fill but how long do i have to wait before getting my second fill?? i dont i feel like im eating toooo much!H! so yea..thats how much I EAT ---=/ any thoughts?

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