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:D Hello~!

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I have been reading from this forum for a few months now and you ladies have taught me everything I needed to know. I have decided to get banded... for $$ reasons I need to wait until Feb of 2006 but my surgery is scheduled and my airfare is booked so I am well on my way. I am currently 265 pounds. I am 22 years old and anticipate a great New Year in 2006. I am going to TJ with my mom, we are making a mini vacation out of the trip and staying a few extra days to enjoy the pool :)

Anyway, I will be popping in every now and again to say hello and read all the interesting info everyone has shared. My biggest concern was the scarring and the port. I have researched for weeks online to try to get pics of the port or the scarring and luckily there was a great post on this forum recommending an alternate site that really answered all my questions. THANK YOU!~

If you have any extra tips I should take advantage of let me know. Because my surgery is still 3 months away I have a lot of time to prepare and really do this thing right.


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Sounds like you are on your way!! That is terrific! Congratulations. Now the waiting starts..... oh that part is terrible. Don't get too worried or anxious. We all got scared just before the surgery. I really think Dr. Ortiz is a master in the scar lines. I was SUPER worried about them too. You can see my scars as well as many other peoples scarrings (from other doctors as well all over) at http://www.lapbandtalk.com/showthread.php?...&highlight=scar

Good luck!!

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Thanks Jenna,

I actually did check out that link and was relieved to say the least. Were both of these patients of Dr. Ortiz???

My second question to throw out is regarding stretch marks. I have some that I am hoping will disappear after the weight comes off. Maybe not entirely but I hope to see some serious results. My mom was 380 pounds and had the gastric bi pass surgery. She has NO STRETCH MARKS!! It was phenomenol..

Has anyone seen stretch mark results that they are willing to share??



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I only really know that I am an Ortiz patient. I am Princess_n_thep on that site. There are pictures of my scars at different months. The very first picture on that thread is mine right out of surgery. Don't be fooled by the glue.... he kinda slathers it on for good measure and that is what give it that dark look. They really weren't that bad.

As for everyone else, they are sharing their scars and their bands were done all over the US and Mexico in different ways... some staples, some stitches, some glue.

Dr. Ortiz only uses glue I think. Which to me.... worked best.

I really need to take a now at 8 months picture. They look MAGNIFICENT!! Vit E oil at night, and cocoa butter in the morning is the KEY!!!

Re the stretch marks... there are some pictures on there with those that have really bad marks... make sure you look at all the pages. I think there is 4 pages of pictures to that thread.

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