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august 17th surgery date

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my surgery date is august 17th and im soooo excited! i work in an office and sit most of the day, how soon will i be able to

go back to work? my boss is very supportive and understanding and will give me all the time i need, i was just curious.

i welcome any tips from recent banders :) ps i love this message board! it has been very helpful and has given me

ideas about how to spend my 'recovery' day--- Revolucion Ave shopping :)

cant wait!!!!! 31 days away! weee-heeeeeeeee

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My surgery was on a Tuesday and I went back to work the next Monday. I didn't fly home until Thursday and probably could have gone to work on Friday if I'd taken an earlier flight, but then again I probably would have taken it off anyway since I'm a slacker whenever possible.

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