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how many fills?

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my surgery will be 8/17/07 ( wee - hee!) how soon and how often should i expect

fills? i think the first one is 6 to 8 weeks after banding- but what after that?

just wondering -- i plan on getting all my fills in TJ -- based on what i've read

here, they are the best and have the best results. i just want to try to

plan ahead financially :P

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It depends on your band. If you get the VG, thats different that the one I have.

I have the "other" band, and Dr. Ortiz told me that typically, 3 to 4 fills for

life was all that was required.

I had my first fill in TJ 6 weeks after surgery. That was in late May. Dr Romero

told me to live with this for 2 months before thinking about another one. I can tell

you as long as I feel like I do right now - I won't need another one !

I expect, tho, that as I lose weight, and I get smaller on the inside, I might need

another fill - but I'm just taking it one day at a time and listening to my body (and

the band thats taken up residence in there ! ha ha, band humor)

Hope this helps! Great luck to you next month !!! =D>

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