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Need a fill in Manhattan

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I need a fill, I am no longer restricted, and it scares me a bit. I have lost 26 pounds, but have not lost any weight in three weeks, eventhough I work out everyday. My hunger is creeping up again, and I now reallize that I have to address this; it's time. I tried fill centers, and called 1800 lapband.. to no avail. I even tried calling in the phone book... but many doctors are skittish about accepting me, or want $1,000.00 for the first visit. For $1,000. I can fly back to Dr. Ortiz... I am really looking for a cost effective solution, and am feeling frustrated and afraid that I may blow this. I am not cheap... it's just that I am still paying for the initial surgury... and I don't have lot's of money to throw around. :(

I am looking for a fill doctor in New York City. If you know of one, I would really appreciate your reply. Many Thanks!!! ><'

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