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Learning to live & lose with the band

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I was banded 1/15/07by Dr. Ortiz. Surgery was a breeze. Recovery, fine except for gas pain in left shoulder for about 10 days. It passed. After liquid phase, no restriction. I understand this is not unusual. I guess if all depends on the size of your stomach and how much fat you have in the area where the band is attached. Got a 1.8cc fill March 1st. My highest weight was 218 and now I'm 199. Most of the weight I have lost has been hard earned from triditional dieting rather than something I can really attribute to the band.

I'm assuming I need another fill, but I just got back from 3 weeks in Paris, (It was great!) and didn't think it was a good idea to get a fill before leaving the country. Instead I did a short program at Lindora that I had already paid for, complete with appetite surpressants, so I can't contribute that 12 pounds to the band. Now I'm back and ready to continue the pursuit of weight lose via my band. I am going for a fill, probably next week ... live in LA so it's easy to go to TJ. This I hope will be a boost, but I have already learned that losing via this surgery is easier for some than others.

Why is this? Perhaps those of us who don't weigh as much to begin with lose more slowly because of that. But I'm wondering if it might also be the kind of eaters we are. If I had gained weight because I eat massive amounts of chicken, bread, salad, and sticky rice I would have lost twice what I have and wouldn't need another fill. I choke up on these thing after a few bites, but what about tortilla chips, popcorn, pie, fruit, potatoes, etc. I understand about eating around the band. No matter what the fill I will always be able to eat ice cream and melt chocolate in my mouth. I understand that it's my resposibility to avoid this, and that much I think I can mange... at least most of the time, but are you guys that are doing so well with you weight lose sticking only to chicken, bread, etc. or can I hope with the additional fill most of these other foods will be self-limiting as well?

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