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Banded on 11/18

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Hello fellow bandsters. I had sugery on 11/18 by Dr. Ortiz/Dr. Martinez. I along with 3 other wonderful ladies went through the experience together. The medical staff was absolutely terrific. My favorite nurse was Josie. She was very caring and so sweet. She didn't need to speak english she just smiled and held my hand. I had surgery on friday and went to work on monday. That was probably not the smartest choice. I'm very tired and sore. My port site is swollen and feels like a big hard lump. Dr. Martinez said thats normal because they make a pocket for the port and stitch it into place. Has anyone else experienced this?? I would appreciate some feedback. The liquid diet is tough. I'm not hungry just miss solid food. I know this time will pass by quickly. I'm down 5 pounds since the surgery and my clothes are fitting better. My lapband journey has just begun.


5'7.5" 212.5/207.5/150

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