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newly banded

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:D I was also banded on 11-18 and also had a wonderful experience. I am a medical professional (registered radiation therapist) and had never received any general anesthesia prior. I was a little intimidated by it all and the WORRY was for no reason. It went so smooth. I was quite pleasantly surprised. My insurance excluded bariatric surgery so I began the search for the right doc at the right dollar amount. After my reviews I would have gone to Dr. Ortiz regardless of insurance issues. He is so gifted with people and his hands.

When I woke up I had a little pain on the left side and they gave me a pain shot and it was gone in 20 minutes. I was up early the next morning and ready to head to the hotel Lucerna. I was amazed at how well it went. Of course you are a little sore if you bend over the first few days. Other than that it was a breeze. (They give you some meds for anxiety to calm you down before surgery if you want them.)

I did well on the flights back to Kansas City. My port area is not sore and my incision sites are a little pink and not even tender now. I am one week out now. This all seems like a dream to me as I had expectations of real pain. I am just a little weak/tired from the post op diet.

I am a diabetic and I am sure Dr. Ortiz and the lapband are going to save my life. The cosmetic fix will be great--- Just imagine buying clothes in a regular store. But I really had the band procedure performed to get me off insulin and meds. I want my health back. My insulin requirement is already 1/2 of what it was before banding.

I am walking the walk with my lapband sisters from 11-18-2005. We all email and support each other. Each case is a little unique and we each have different issue and concerns.

Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez are much more than one could even expect. They are wonderful and take the time you need to answer your questions. The nurses are very "hands on" and tend to touch and hug a lot. They are learing more and more English with every patient they encounter.

My lapband experience was a good one with Dr. Ortiz and staff.

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