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Surgury 04/20/04

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:D Hello everyone!,

I too had struggled all of my adult life with weight loss only to re-gain the weight and then some. :( I had done research on WLS for over two years and had fought with our health insurance for just as long. No way were they going to help me with the surgury that I desperately needed to live a longer healthier life. WLS surgury here in Boise Idaho costs between $25-$30 thousand dollars,unfortunately there was no way I could afford to pay that much. Last January a co worker of my wifes mentioned Lap Band so I started doing some research. I found Dr Joya's website and visited his forum and was excited about what I had read from his patients. I was a little leary of having the surgury done in Puerta Vallarta with the possibility of post op complications that may have occured. I started doing research on Lap Band through Don at Inamed asking him if he could reccomend any Surgeons in T.J. Although he couldn't reccomend he said that if I sent him names he would respond. I sent him three Dr's names including Dr Ortiz. He wrote back telling me that all three surgeons were more than capable but that Dr Ortiz was a personal friend and he wouldn't hesitate having surgury done on himself or any member of his family by Dr Ortiz in his Mexico facility. WOW! that was all I needed to hear!.

In March the Lap Band was being introduced here in Boise and the two Surgeons were putting on a seminar and invited perspective patients and the Press to attend.

I was very dissapointed to hear that they had only done two Lap Band surguries since November and were going to charge $25,000 for the surgury and Hospitol fees! Right after that seminar I decided that I was going to have Lap Band Sugury done by Dr Ortiz. I went to the bandsters forum and asked to visit with people that had surgury done with Dr Ortiz, to my surprise about 50 people answered me back in less than 30 minutes! Not one person had anything negative to say about Dr Ortiz and his staff, I really started to feel good about my decision to go to Dr Ortiz. I scheduled my surgury for April 20th 2004, upon my arrival to the Airport in San Diego I was met by a very nice man that drove my wife and I to the beautiful Lucerna Hotel. Upon our arrival we were promptly met by the most beautiful lady that I like to refer to as "The Ambassador" of the entire Ortiz operation, Mrs Ortiz who is none other than Dr Ortiz's mother! She truly is a very classy lady indeed.She personally drove us to all my pre-op check ups and really made us feel like family. The next morning we were off to the Hospitol for surgury, I must admit I was a little nervous until I met Dr. Ortiz, Martinez and the rest of his wonderful staff! Dr Ortiz has such a great sense of humor! I had my surgury at around 10:am, during surgury I encountered some breathing complications due to my stomach being so large it was pressing into my lungs making it difficult for me to breath. I had to be given Morphine and intabated, but I was in wonderful hands and came through just fine. I'm not telling you about this to scare anyone intstead I'm telling you so you will understand that Dr Otiz and his staff are top notch and are prepared for anything that may arise during surgury. I didn't have one painful day, I was up and walking within 30 minutes after waking up. We went home on Friday morning and I was back to work on Monday with zero pain or complications.

I went back in late June for a fill and again was welcomed as a member of the family, while I was there Dr Ortiz was having a video made about his operation. There were five former femal patients including Sandy Dr Otiz's coordinater (very nice lady) I was the only man down there at the time and was asked by Dr Ortiz if I would mind doing an on camera interview with him. Needles to say I was honored to ablige. I also got to meet Dr Ortiz' beautiful wife who also treated me like family, I had a really good time being able to spend some time with the entire staff at the Lucerna Hotel in an entirely different atmosphere. I have never met such wonderful loving people in all my life! Afterall it's not every day a patient gets to spend time with his Surgeon and his staff and family in such a fun atmosphere! American surgeons are way too arrogant to even consider something like that! I'm proud to report that as of today just over 4 months from surgury I have lost 85 POUNDS! and feel better than I have in a very very long time! If I were a millionaire I would still have Dr. Ortiz perform my surgury at his facility in Mexico, I would also give him a huge tip!

I owe it all to Dr Ortiz and his wonderful staff, not only have they saved my life but they have also opened their hearts to me and accepted me as family! To me that's almost as precious as life itself. I urge anyone to stop putting it off and re-gain your lives and your health, time is ticking away and there is absolutely nothing to fear, you too will realize it was the best thing you could ever do for you and your family.


Brad Barnett. :D

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