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I had gastric bypass done 2 years ago. I lost a total of 85 lbs of which I gained back 30; for a total loss of 55 lbs. I currently weigh 250lb and I never had dumping syndrome so I am considering a revision at this point.

I was told that placing a lap band over my RNY would be a great choice. However, after speaking with others I am reconsidering that choice. I was told that DS (Duodenal Switch) is probably a better option.

Is there anyone else that has had the band over a failed RNY as a revision? If so could you please elaborate on your sucess (or lack of) including how long ago that was done and the amount of weight that was lost/gained?...

Thank you, I am new to this so I truely appreciate any imput


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I have also heard that the DS is a great choice for RNY patients that did not do well. But again, it is only what I have heard not researched.

I have also heard that bypass patients do the band but I don't know about their success. Try going to www.lapbandtalk.com and use the search button. They have a lot more members and more information and other people's patients may be able to help more.


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