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banded on 12/08

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Banded on 12/08 and surgery was easy, Dr ortiz and Martinez are the best, the nurses are sooooooo nice. I never felt worried nor afraid.

Now i'm back and the gas pain are getiing the best of me!!!!!!!They hurt and i am not taking anything. I'm still taking my liquids but i wonder if i'm taking enough.i'am not weak.......


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Hi Daphnee--It's me, Kathleen, from Tijuana. I'm sorry to hear you're having gas pains. I haven't had any, so far. The meds they gave us were so-so, I think. I want to ask my doc at home for some liquid Vicodin because my port incision hurts. My mom and I are still down in Southern Cal, going home on Thurs. I can't wait for some yogurt or something! I don't feel hungry, but my stomach is growling and I'm sorta weak.

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon!


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Hi - i had surgery on nov 18 and my gas pains lasted for 3 weeks - in fact, it's just been within the last two days that i haven't had any - it got better every day but it was rough - none of the other girls that had surgery the same day as me had them like i did - the heating pad and wriggling around help but just walking didn't. I did arm circles, arms over the head, folded clothes - vERY LIGHT housework seemed to help. Mostly my husband would gently and sometimes harder massage the spot and it seemed to help move it through. I also took gasx but you can only take 4 a day so i used them judiciously! hang in there as it will get better but i totally empathize with you - they hurt like crazy.

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