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Lump in middle of chest

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After reading the reply to my post about Sliding Hiatal Hernia, I looked it up on Webmd to see exactly what that is and it had a pic of it. Very interesting. I am still wondering if it was repaired or not. I can't tell exactly even after reading the surgical report...lol Too much medical jargon. ;)

Well, then I noticed I have had(since I dropped weight), this lump in the middle of my chest between my breasts, where my sternum(chest bone) should be. It is more noticable and feelable when laying down, but I can still feel it standing up too. It hasn't caused me any reflux or pain, unless I mess with it and push on it to see how big it is and such. The pain then start with an aching and sometimes radiates to my left shoulder and some other places. I think that pain is from that, but not totally sure. Kind of concerns me too. I probably should get checked by my doctor, but I am putting it off because I have to have my annual checkup for my brain(pituitary) tumor and bloodwork soon. I was told that tumor could pop up in other places and I really hope it didn't land in my chest area...LOL

Well, just posted this to see if anyone has an idea about what it might be.



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