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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to thank you for this site, it is wonderful. I was banded July 2, 07. I initially lost 14 pounds on my first post op visit. I felt really good about myself with that weight loss in less than 2 weeks, but that was short lived. After my first visit, I was still losing weight for about a week or week and half, I noticed I could hold more and more food, I then gained back any weight I had lost since the initial 14. I was sure my band had slipped or something. When I went back for my second visit,Aug 2, I had not lost anymore than my first visit. My doctor injected some saline (don't know how much). He scheduled me to come back 2 weeks after that. I have my third visit this week ,Aug 16. I have lost about 4 to 5 pounds during this 2 weeks, but I have really been working hard. I have exercised like crazy and have been going hungry. I am looking forward to hitting my "sweet spot" with this visit, I hope. I had my surgery in Mobile, AL. The actual surgery, hospital stay, and pre ad post op teaching were great. My surgeon, Dr Hannon is the best. I was apprehensive however, when I stopped losing weight, got hungry, and could eat almost as much as before surgery. This web site has put me at ease. I look forward to visiting often. Again thanks for all the advice and sharing.


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