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should i get banded?


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hey everyone, i've been skimming around the forum for a while and wanted some input on whether you guys think i'm a good candidate for the procedure, if i should get it, and any extra information and opinions by people who have gotten the procedure will help me convince my parents, here's my story:

i'm a 17 year old male, going into my senior year of high school, currently i am 6'1 and top the scales at about 310 (i know :( ), well that gives me a BMI at about 40 or more, and that is just outrageous for a teen, diets never work because in all honesty i just lack the will power, and i never can seem to be full, and that has caused me to be how i am since a young age, in middle school i was always teased for being the biggest kid and now that i'm in high school i'm not picked on, but you can tell being obese is like having a disease; people will be nice, but they will never fully accept me. don't get me wrong, i have friends, but even with them i feel like me being as big as i am makes them feel weird.

i live in grand rapids, MI and i heard that Blue cross blue shield heath care would cover the cost of the surgery. is that true? i'm a borderline diabetic, my blood pressure ain't to hot, and being as big as i am limits me in my everyday life, and i have back problems, i get winded walking up the stairs in my house :( .

my dad is a big guy too, but i even out weight him, and my clothes are too big on him, and that makes me feel horrible. i think it would be in my best interest to get this surgery to improve my quality of my life, but i think my parents wouldn't agree and would rather push a diet on me, but i know as soon as the diet get over i'd just balloon back up again.

i've spent my whole life being the fat kid, and i would really like to know what it feels like to be a new man. maybe get a girlfriend for once, play some sports, sit on plastic lawn chairs (which i always break) or sit in regular chairs and restaurant booths without wondering if i'll fit.

i would love to not have to wear 4XL tshirts and 58 waist jeans that cost way to much. i would love to just walk into any clothing store and pick out some clothes at a reasonable price instead of driving out of my way to go to a big and tall store.

i've tried diets, they work for a little while, then i always relapse; eating at a restaurant is always a chore too, if i eat what i want, people think i'm a pig, if i eat healthy people think i'm a weight conscience loser.

in my opinion i'm costing my parents more money being obese ( my clothes, all the food i eat etc) than the surgery would cost. i don't want to grow up being one of those guys on "Big Medicine" who cant walk, or take care of themselves, but i feel thats where my life is going to go if i don't get this. before i thought weight loss surgery was like giving up, but now i see it for what it really is, an aid. and i feel its just what i need, do you think i should go to my doctor and see what he thinks? or do you think he would concur with you guys?

Edit: sorry for double posting

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