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Post surgery flu w/violent coughing

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I was banded on December 13th, came home and abided to 8 days of clear liquids, began nibblng on holiday items -- soft but had to chew, chew, chew...

I did this for about 4 days before I got sick and I was still fairly careful about not eating non-soft items. But I did violate the "LIQUIDS ONLY" AND "LIQUIDS + PROTEIN ONLY" rules.

On Christmas Eve, December 24 (roughly day 12post surgery) I came down with a horrible cold/flu and have been pretty much restricted to bed until today. The coughing was continuous for the first 4 days and now is sporadic. I also had boughts of vomitting through I managed to control those a bit.

I have been sipping soups, clear broths, but also eating the very soft veggies in the soups.. Some of this I kept down and some of it came right back up.

I had two milk shakes since it was one of the few things I could keep down.

I am afraid that the coughing may have caused slippage of the band. I felt fine until the cold and the coughing which started about 11 days after my initial surgery.

I am sticking to clear liquids right now thinking that my band area may be swollen but don't know whether to return to clear liquids or clear liquids w/protein or PREPARE TO START ON SOLIDS AS DIRECTED ON JANUARY 2ND? I am sore from coughing and vomitting but other than cold -- still feel okay.

Lost about 10 lbs over the first 8 days or so. I have plateaued in weight loss since the illness and since eating some solids earlier than I should have.

Any advice?


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