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Going to the 1st Seminar about Lap

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hello all!

As like many of you have, all my life I've struggled with my weight.The biggest i was at was 260 pounds on a 5'3 frame, and last year I tried a Korean diet of just fish & vegtables and INTENSE exersize and lost 50 pounds on it - but REGAINED 30 pounds of it back from mental trauma from family issues..

Even though I am very healthy for my weight and never out of breath I have psychological issues with my weight at 22 i am traumatized with what the crap the media feeds people nowadays with their if you're not thin and pretty you're nobody way of thinking. I'm one of those "I-eat-because-I'm-depressed-and-i'm depressed-because-I-eat" kind of gals. But my worry and depression did not come from media, it does sicken me, dont get me wrong - but my weight gain happened because my Dad died in 2000 from Colon Cancer.

It's been a long 7 years and I'm ready to let go and take care of myself...I'm sick and tired of being a size 18 and not fitting into cute frilly dresses like i should - I know I'm a beautiful girl but I want MYSELF to believe this. Inside i dont see it. all i see is failure

and hell, I don;t want to see that anymore.

I took the first step and called in and made a appointment to go to the Seminar about the Lap Band here in Baltimore - at Mercy Hospital...and tomorrow i go to the 1st Seminar and the 1st step towards getting a Lap Band....

but i dunno - i'm getting sorta nervous and am worried about afew things - let me get down to the main issue of me posting this thread and ask you guys some questions

Is there a waiting peroid? - i can only get this lap band in December - i hope i can schulde a surgery appointment then (i go to college and CAN NOT skip any classes)

is there a change you can regain the weight? - i've been reading HORROR stories of Lap Band patients and i'm very scared to regain the weight i lose - if i stick to the plan and not cheat will i be ok?

Lap Band Vs. Gastric Bypass - i know the main diffrences but in reality - which one is the most successful?

if there is responses, thank you so much for answering me - im just jitterey

sorry for trying so much lol - i'm abit gabby

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