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Need Passport to go to TJ??

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Hi There,

I am getting banded on 02/21/06. I am very excited and am working out all the kinks as we speak. My research proves that a passport is NOT required to travel to Mexico but may be in the future. However, many sites claim that a passport is highly recommended. Would a birth certificate and a drivers liscence be sufficient??

Hoping to get some input from past/frequent travelers.



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I was just there and my father in-law does a lot of travel out of the states. They have made a law that starting in Jan of 07 a pasport will be required. I was there 2 weeks ago and a photo id and birth certificate will be just fine. in fact all they looked at was my drivers licence. I hope this has helped you!! ;)

good luck to you!! ;)

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Hello - I just went this past weekend and brough birth cert and license - they guy just waived us through! However, everyone is correct - license is suffiicient for this year.

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