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Im afraid my band slipped!!

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Hi everyone! i was banded on september 16 2005

i had my first fill on oct 25 with 2 cc

ever since i got my fill i have felt i needed more fill right away. The problem is that i never went back for another fill because there were DAYS where i couldnt eat! i would feel full right away with a few bites! but there were some days where i could eat ALOT! and potato chips.......my goodness i could eat like a hole bag and not get full! i have lost about 27 lbs since surgery which i love....a have been getting a lot of complimints ! anywaysssssssssssssss these past few days i have not been able to eat almost anything! i have had A Lot of episodes of food getting stuck and having to throw it up! actually sometimes like 2-3 times a day! im so scared! im afraid my band has slipped but i dont know the simtoms

if i could please get a response SOON!! i called Dr. Ortiz today and left him a message! but i need help i dont know what to do

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I was banded in October of 2005, and I just recently had the same problem. I had thought I was too loose, and had Dr. Martinez fill my band, and I proceeded to go home and Pb as they call it with just about every meal. Of course there were the times I could eat anything. I thought I was going crazy, and NOT loosing any weight until Dr. Martinez sat me down and explained I was too tight. And loosened me up more than I was before I thought I was too loose! I was scared, but he said his goal was for me to eat three meals a day, and NO PBing! Well, I not only can eat now, BUT most importantly I have begun losing weight again! YEAH! So take heart, and call back for Dr. Martinez (sometimes he's easier to get than Dr. Ortiz). I'm sure they will call you back soon!


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