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Reposting about sliding hiatal hernia

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Hi all,

I recently got my surgical reports faxed from OCC and saw that a Sliding hiatal hernia was found. I didn't know what that was until I researched it and found a pic of it. Prior to surgery, I was taking Prevacid for GERD. Haven't taken anymore since surgery which is great! I didn't see anything about the hernia needing or was repaired, but there was alot of medical terms in the report that even I couldn't figure out...LOL Now, since I have dropped weight, I have a bulging lump in the middle of my chest that is tender and achy at times and sometimes I have some reflux or heartburn, but not alot and short lived usually.

Was this hernia repaired and/or could it have reoccured and caused that lump? I haven't taken anything at all for the heartburn I have occasionally. Just don't want to. I know that usually Dr. Ortiz repairs hiatal hernias, but not sure if this one needed repair or was repaired. Not even sure if that is what it is, but it's the only thing I can come up with ya know. ;)

Thanks for any replies in advance!



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