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lower bmi success

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I would like to hear from others with BMI from 30 to 35 and their success rate. I have struggled with my weight for five years. I have been on every diet known to man. I lose ten pounds and then my body starts fighting me. I can't go on like this. I am otherwise happy and successful but I feel like I cannot fully enjoy my life this heavy. It seems like a lot of people report problems with not losing. Is this true?

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Well, here is my take on the band as a low bmi patient of Dr. Ortiz.....

The band is a tool. It is NOT bypass and the lbs will NOT melt off if you do not work with the band. You CAN eat around the band and it does NOT tell you not to eat the Twinkie. However, if you do have some discipline and you can make healthy choices and make a lifestyle change it WILL work. Mine works fine. Sure we all slip up and fall off the wagon but just have to dust yourself off and get on the next wagon that comes by. You DO have to diet and watch what passes your lips. You DO have to exercise regularly. You DO have to schedule aftercare and take care of your band and follow the rules (ie no carbonation, etc). The band is NOT magic. I repeat, the band is NOT magic, it is only a tool for you to lose weight healthily and slowly (1-2 lbs a week averaging) and MAINTAIN it. That is the biggie, maintaining.

If you do choose to eat a small piece of baked skinless chicken, 2 flowers of broccoli, and 2 small apple slices for dinner then you WILL be a success and you WILL feel full and satisfied. If you choose to eat two twinkies and two cookies and a handful of doritos for dinner then you will NOT be a success and you will NOT lose the weight and you will still feel full and satisfied.

The first 6 weeks are the hardest. It sucks, I won't lie. The diet is restrictive and you must follow it so that you heal correctly. And that first 6 weeks you really want to see a lot of loss, we all have that expectation. But don't freak if you don't lose weight the first six weeks. Some do, some don't. And usually everyone is biting at the bit starving during weeks 4-6. Its rough, won't even try and sugar coat it. But the first 6 weeks you are not filled, therefore it is merely a stomach bracelet. Once you heal, the swelling goes down, and you can have a 6 week fill, then your ready to ROCK!

The fill will create the pouch. That is where life really changes. That is when it really becomes real. That is when you start your exercise programs and start rocking the band. Some people never have a problem. Any surgery is a risk, the band is not 100%.

The band does come with risks like any surgery. Erosion, slippage, etc. Some have had their bands erode and had to have them removed at their own cost. That sucks. But... you CAN make the most of your band.

If you are US, low bmi's have to self pay and go out of the country. Most go to Mexico. And most to Dr. Ortiz I believe. It is somewhere around $10k. There is a doctor in Houston that does it for $15k but I am not impressed with his patient relations and aftercare that I have heard about.

Mexico comes with their own way. It is not like the US. Not bad really, but just "different" type of experience. If you have an open mind, you will be fine. If you go there expecting the US you will be reminded you are in Mexico. Remember, it is another country. What is normal here is not always normal there. I don't mean that it is bad or dirty normal but just "different".

If you are low bmi (especially) it is veryyyyyyy hard to have aftercare in the US. No doc will touch you. Its like your a leper it seems. But Ortiz/Martinez have the best fill program and contact that I know of. I have never called and gotten a machine. I have never had a question go unanswered for long. They are terrific about return calls and emails. The fill program is top notch. So plan on returning to Mexico for fills.

Any more questions... just ask. Remember, these are my opinions and/or experiences. Beware, I will be blunt when you ask so be sure you want to know the answer.

Good luck on your journey and research!!!!

And you can see from my stats below my progress thus far.....

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