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Gastric Banding Convention!

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I am working with a number of Bandsters to organize a Gastric Banding Convention to be held in Las Vegas Nevada one weekend during the month of October 2006. Please take a moment now to choose all the dates that work best for you! The more dates that you put a response to, even i fyou can't make that weekend, the more likely we will be able to pick a date that has the most people who can attend! The final date will be choosen April 1, 2006. Please respond today, even if it's a guess! (We know things happen and life changes we just need a guess.).

Why will our convention be worth attending? Because our event is being organized by Bandsters and those thinking of banding we have no ties to one major organization and the information shared with you will come from many sources rather than one company marketing their services to you! We have "been there done that" and we know what YOU want to hear and learn! - Heck we want to hear and learn the same things! We espeically want to meet our new friends!:wub:

Visit this link to see the details and to RSVP. The more people who come and the more people who RSVP the better !!!http://tinyurl.com/75azv

Peace - Siobhan

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I think your idea is a good one.  However, we already have one. ha ha.

go to www.lapbandtalk.com  it is called the annual bandster bash in las vegas.


The Vegas Bandster Bash that Dr. Ortiz is going to attend is the Bash in the Spring of 2007.

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