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Has anyone got a fill in Mesa, AZ office?

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If you are speaking of the Wendy Hall office yes I have - don't advise that you signed up thru the fill centers cause they want alot more than what Wendy will take in cash or check which is 100.00 - I had her do my 2nd fill this last May it was a diffrent experience not bad at all- little trouble piercing the port which scared me but I heard exactly the sound and feeling that I heard when I went back to Dr. Ortiz for the first fill - I have lost 20lbs since may 21st so it must of worked- but over the last few weeks I have been getting the first bite syndrome at nearly every meal- no pbing just a lot of gurgling - so I get up and walk around and about 10-15 minutes i can sit down and eat- it is totally wierd but I have been stressing alot lately so it is probably from that- also a little slaky on my eating habits -just the bites I take and the time I take to eat - need to slow down and it is letting me know

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