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Vitamins that won't interfere with meds.

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I have finally come to realize that I probably need to start taking some kind of multivitamin. But, really want to take one that isn't too strong and won't interfere with my meds. I take elavil and lortab and estradiol. Something that is easy to take and digest, etc.

What does everyone take, if anything? I was hoping to not need them, but since I have started losing a lot of hair and my skin getting dry, etc., I figured I am probably missing some important vitamins.

Thanks for any suggestions.



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The vitamins I take I think are called Nutri-fem and they make several different varieties depending on various things such as gender or age. Go to your local pharmacy and ask what they would recommend. My doctor told me that since vitamins are not regulated very well, there are many brands which do not have all that is advertised. She told me specifically that anything bought from a grocery store is junk.

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