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Possible sinus infection...antibiotics?

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I am prone to sinus infections since I have had two pituitary tumor surgeries and the docs found a cyst in my left sinus cavity. They didn't remove the cyst, but I have become prone to infections...not sure why, but I am positive I have one now. My only fear is antibiotics in the big pill or capsule form. Is this safe for the band and my stomach? I have been given amoxicillin in the past for these infections, but don't know how they will affect my stomach if anything. Since I don't take my GERD med(Prevacid) anymore, I am concerned about reflux, etc.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Talk to the doctor who is prescribing the medicine. Some capsules should not be cut up as they may be designed to be "time-release." But your doctor should be able to prescribe the medication in a form easier to swallow or a medication less upsetting to your stomach.

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