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Strange gurgling noises?


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Since my last fill (fill #2), eating solids has been close to impossible. Liquids are not easy either. However, the thing that bothers me the most are these strange gurgling type noises I feel and hear coming from my throat. They are so loud that my husband can hear them and they are uncomfortable. Sometimes I wake up with the noises so they are not dependent on food. PLEASE HELP! Does anyone know what I am talking about or feel the same thing?

S.E.A. :o

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Have you contacted your doctor to see if this is normal or common? I am guessing this did not happen with your first fill... How long ago did you have your fill?

Thank you so much for responding! I had my 2nd fill on March 4th. I plan on calling Dr. Ortiz first thing Monday morning because I just can't handle it anymore. I will let you know what he says. Again, thanks for responding because I have been feeling nervous and scared about the gurgling noises, the PB, the inability to eat, etc.

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Dear Roberto,

Soon after my post, I spoke to Dr. Ortiz and he encouraged me to come into the office. Apparently, the gurgling noises were a result of a very tight band. The noises can also occur if one mixes solids and liquids. That was not applicable in my case because I couldn't really eat solids. I had a few cc's removed and since then have stopped losing weight. It is a little discouraging but the noises and sensations caused by the gurgling were becoming intolerable.

My aunt who had the surgery done about 10 months ago with a Dr. in LA now visits Dr. Ortiz and Martinez for care. Recently she started experiences the gurgling and steadily stopped being able to eat solids and eventually liquids. She waited much too long to seek help and Dr. Martinez gently scolded her for not seeking help. She had to have the fill completely removed to let her stomach and espophagus heal. Scary!

Hope this answered some of your questions.

My best.


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