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i was banded 9/14/07 by dr. ortiz in tj. the whole experncie was wonderful. the man was at the airport to pick us up. we went right to hotel, and checked in . the next day dr. ortiz's mom picked us up and took us to clinic. clinic was cleaner than any US hospital or dr office i have ever been to. the staff was wonderful never felt unsafe or scared. my nurse was the sweetest person, anything i needed or wanted she got.(even a back rub) the assis. dr's were great. dr. ortiz was great but did not spend much time with me. he did explain everting but i never had a consult with him after surgery. i was dicharged the next day and mrs. ortiz picked us up and took us back to the hotel. ok now the pain! there was not much pain , i mean it hurt but not like getting my wisdom teeth cut out. there were 2 other people in my group that had a bad time. one guy threw-up several times during the night ,but they did fluro and said his band did not slip. would i go back to tJ? ><' YES. things i would do differnt: DO NOT BOOK A FLIGHT ON US AIRWAYS they cancled our flight from orlando to san. thats the only thing i would change, thats it. i do hate the liquid diet. but i guess thats why i had to have a band.

can anyone tell me about the vg band, anything i have not heard yet.


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Okay, so this is a little off topic, but EVERY airline cancels and delays flights. EVERY one of them. Sorry, but I work for an airline and I have heard so many people say "I will NEVER fly your airline again," and at that same exact moment in time I can guarantee you that there is another person telling an agent at another airline the same exact thing. Airlines never cancel a flight on a whim, it caused so much trouble, really it's only done as a last resort.

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