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Good tasting protein drink


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I just tried a protein drink that I actually enjoy drinking! It's Hi Health Ultimate Meal, and it's low sugar so it doesn't make me hungry like some of the sugared drinks do. I know I am sounding like an ad here, but I tried the "Dreamy Vanilla Bean" flavor with some Splenda and frozen berries, then again with just some Splenda and left over coffee, and it was like dessert. The coffee one tasted like a frozen latte. I tried some of the flavored ones and didn't like them as well. With the vanilla you can add your own flavoring. It even smells good, like white or yellow cake mix.

Hi health has stores around Arizona, but you can order it from their website too, I think. The stuff is pricey, but if I'm on a liquid diet and it doesn't make me gag, it's worth it!

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