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how can i tell if i need another fill?

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help? i was banded by dr ortiz in tj on 8/17/07 ( vg band) and had my first fill - 3 cc's on 10/04/07.. i have never pb'd or slimed or

anything bad and my fill experience was wonderful. i am eating less and am not truly hungry for about 5 hours after i eat so i feel very good

my fill right now. :) but will i be able to tell when its time for anothere fill? maybe after i lose more weight? i still have about 80 lbs more to lose and am pretty sure since i have a vg band i will need many more fills. i have already scheduled another fill for nov 20th, a month away.. should i get another fill

yet? am losing weight very slowly but steady :) need advise please :huh:

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When you loose your feelings of restriction and/or stop losing weight then it is time for another fill. Nobody but you will be able to decide when the time is right so just pay attention to your body and don't be afraid to make the appointment - you can always cancel later if things change.

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