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Banding in the US

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I am new to this site but the more I read the more surprised I am by the negative responses I have heard towards US doctors.

Some facts:

I was banded in Little Rock Arkansas by Dr. Wellborn.

Cost was 14,200.

This includes 18 months of free fills

$100 per fill after that.

He has over 1000 patients and I have heard nothing negative yet.

He has support groups that meet once a month and the cost is free.

His staff are all lap band patients with the exception of his wife. She is an RN.

They are available any time of the day.

I have emailed her at 7:30 at night and got a response at that evening. I expected to hear from her the next day but She uses a blackberry and checks it often.

I have met two women that were banded by him several years ago (2003) and both are still pleased.

This has been my experience so far.

I hope this helps someone that may be considering the US.

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