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Slight Pain- upper left side. Any body else?

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This is my first post. Hopefully someone can help shed some light on some topics that have been bothering me!

I've had my lap band for about a year and a half. I have lost almost 100 lbs. I got the surgery done in Mexico because the docs here didn't take my insurance.

Any who! Long story short, about six months ago, a pain started stabbing me in my left side, right under my rib cage. I found it happened when I drank anything with pink artificial sweetener... or any food incredibly synthesized. (sometimes i'm so busy that i eat a protein bar for lunch... some kinds irritate and some don't).

The pain is not all the time, but even if i am not in direct pain, and have not eaten any of the things that bother me, sometimes the area feels a little sore or tender.

I am scared to go to the doctor because.... what if they tell me i have to get it taken out? I know that is silly... i could be in danger. But i've worked so hard...

Also, at once point the pain was so bad that I refused to eat in fear that it would upset me. I called a local doc that recently started seeing lap band patients and she refused to see me because I got it done in Mexico. I've recently found a new doc that has been giving me fills. When i expressed my concern about it, and asked if he could look inside there with the abdominal thing they use for fills... they acted pretty NOT worried about it and proceeded to fill me.

I have no problems eating most foods, and i have no vomiting.

Could this be non lap band related at all? Or gas? Has any one else had this problem, and if so what did you do and what was your outcome.... ?

Thanks for any one's time, I really appreciate it!

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Could be a muscle thing, could be you're pulling on a stitch, could be ALOT of things. Since we're not doctors we won't be able to give you an accurate answer to your medical question. You should call the doctor who did your surgery, see what he has to say, and go from there.

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